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01-08-2012, 01:56 AM
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With most kids, there almost invariably comes a time, often quite early in the process where the kid wants to "quit," and the parents almost always allow it. This becomes habit.

Yes, your kid has to make his own choices, and find his/her own way: but they have to live with their choices, and understand consequences and responsibility. If they are allowed to quit from an early age, they will know nothing else but how to quit.

To be great in anything takes a discipline that almost no one has completely contained within themselves: it takes an outside influence. And I think well-meaning parents who don't want to 'force' their kids to do something miss out on the opportunity to teach their kids this lesson. In our society, almost nobody does anything special. Travelling or "living life," are seen as things that are special. Life is lived for immediate reward, and I think that this trend has something to do with it.

There's always going to be a time where a kid is going to want to just give up. The road to doing something truly special is long, lonely, and often times unrewarding and thankless. It is in these situations that a parent giving their kid a little push will make a pretty dramatic difference.

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