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01-08-2012, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
The fact its known that Wolski is ready to play and isn't in the lineup, is telling about how much faith the coaching staff has in him.

I don't think Wolski not playing has any indication of the coaching staff's faith or lack of faith in him. Right now, they have faith in the guys who are playing night in and night out. I think that's more the case than they don't trust Wolski.

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Wolski with a 3.8 cap hit, and what ever that is prorated to this point in the season, can be used to upgrade the roster.


Ruutu's cap hit is 3.8.

Wolski is a RFA. Ruutu a UFA.

Canes could have at least some more control with Wolski. Add a couple of pieces of value, Zuccarello and a 2nd round pick, possibly even another mid-level prospect. That's a solid return for a player they have zero control over or leverage over in the summer.

Ruutu, if traded here, could want to stay on a winning team. Resign him at least short term. 2-3 years. He will be just as effective as he is now at the end of that kind of contract. He will be 30-31. And he could be used as trade bait that year at the deadline.

Affordable move, makes our roster deeper, more killed, more scoring depth, even physically tougher then it already is, as well as more size and speed.

Ruutu wont cost a lot. Other teams may be in on him. But it will simply be a matter of which affordable package is more appealing to the Canes.

What similar package will the Caps and Pens put together?

Wolski, Zuccarello (AHL all-star, SEL MVP), 2nd round pick.

We can add to that package, and it will still be affordable.

Add any of or even two of Valentenko, Noreau, McColgan, Bourque, Ceresnak, Yogan.

Highly doubtful any top prospect will be dealt for Ruutu, by any team. We have enough "fat" to burn in this trade. To put a quality package together to get it done.
I have to wonder what Zuccarello's trade value really is. He came to NA and really has not had a ton of success. I have to think he would be more open to returning to the SEL than he would be playing in the AHL or re-signing or signing with a team with the idea that he would have to win a spot in training camp.

Someone may take a chance on him and let him play in the NHL for the remainder of the season and see what happens, but to me, he's a throw-in at this point not a main piece of a deal.

If the Canes were offered what you're offering, they really only get a 2nd that they can be sure will be part of their organization next year. Is that enough for them to deal Ruutu? Not sure.

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