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Originally Posted by jmb9191 View Post
Ahh...Rangers fans.

Its past the New Year, so do not tell me it is too early to start judging what kind of team we have here....and disclaimer: this is all under the condition IF WE PLAY THE WE HAVE THUS FAR...

Don't get me wrong, I know there are PLENTY of huge Rangers fans out there. I also know there are plenty of die hard Yankee fans out there, so don't get me wrong. But this is New York, and it houses multiple teams in each sport, so there are a lot of people out there to have buy your hat.

This thread isn't one about how good we are. But I know this is a good team that is going to make a run. We're a really good team, with a really good head coach, who had a really good idea about how to build a hockey team, and then he and Slats did it. We're good, and were gonna be around.

Watch this Ranger team make some sort of run into the playoffs or finish with a really good record. The Rangers will BLOW UP. You will see Rangers left and right. You walk on the streets of Manhattan today, you aren't seeing a lot of Ranger stuff left and right...its pretty rare. You see Jets/Giants, Yankees/Mets, and Knicks. Rangers is rare.

I go to Indiana University which houses a lot of kids from Illinois. Wherever you go, there is a Patrick Kane jersey. It is unreal. They are that cities favorite team. Why? Because they won.

This city will be ALL NEW YORK RANGERS if this team continues to play this way. You're gonna start seeing people come out of the woodwork left and right. I was 2 and a half in 94 so I don't remember anything, I have no idea what it was like, but I know it'll be a lot different than the world I grew up in with 7 years of no playoffs and then a lockout that really hurt the NHL's popularity.

And i'm gonna be honest, i'm really hoping to see it. Go Rangers, and take pride in knowing that you are True Blue.

the rangers have always had a huge amount of fans and i don't think no one is coming out of the woodwork as much as you are realizing how many of us there are.

ranger fans are some of the most loyal fans on the planet and even when we stink people still show up for them.

i hate to even say something like you suggest because it comes accross like it implies we have a fan base like the debbies or fishsticks which are not even in the same stratosphere as the rangers when it comes to the numbers of fans this team has.

we are not one of the richest teams in the game because we have fair weather fans and the folks in illinois that you speak of do not suprise me either because that is all i would ever expect from any origianal 6 franchise fan base.

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