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01-08-2012, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Belso View Post
Quebec is part of Canada and Canada has two official languages. I hate it when people claim French is the official language of Quebec and purposely mislead people into thinking it's a sin to speak English when we have every right to by law.

And why are there no people picketing in front of the family of Lecavalier and Briere for not signing with Montreal when they had the choice? It's not like the Habs are avoiding French players and a French speaking coach on purpose.

Who remembers the years where Rejean Houle had his staff draft players from the LHJMQ just because they were french and never even made it in the NHL just to please the Fans? He traded or signed as free agents Richer, Quintal, Poulin, Belanger, Lachance just to get some French names on the team. That was the beginning of the dark years which the Habs never recovered.

Montreal also had an advantage getting Quebec players to start their careers in Montreal because of rules existing before the 80's that aren't around anymore.

It's harder and harder for for teams to be competitive in the NHL and it's harder and harder for the Canadiens to have more talented French players on their team.. The rules have changed. The league has changed. The best Quebec players are fair game in the Draft and they get to sign where ever they want when they become UFA.

People are so ignorant it bothers me. One man even said Maurice Richard would turn in his grave if he heard the new coach could only speak English.. Seriously? Like Seriously? Who was his coach? Dick Irving and Toe Blake.. The arguments are horrid. What should we do? Eradicate all the Stanley cup banners in the Bell center where the coaches only spoke English?

I can't wait for people to wake up and see things won't ever be like before the 70ies.

I hope the Habs find ways to attract more French players and for the fans who can't speak English, I hope either Cunnyworth learns French or they find a good French speaking coach, but please people, don't think there's a conspiracy to destroy the French language and culture just because there a lack of competent winning candidates and once in 50 years the Habs put an Anglo behind the bench..

Well hate it as you want but French IS the language of Quebec. And whether it is part of Canada or not, whether you are a separatist or not, everybody with some knowledge will understand that this country is build with 2 great solitudes. Everytime there's a survey, this province vote the other way that most of the other provinces are voting. Most provinces went with a conservative party while we went with a left-wing party. And when this NPD vague will stop in 4 years, I can tell you that this province will surely go back to the Bloc once again. Not everybody, I know. But we are talking about the majority. Yet, the majority does not want to separate. But they don't trust that the rest of Canada is actually taking the right decision for their own interest. I think that's pretty clear. So we have things in common. Language and culture isn't one of them. The prerequisite to have a bilingual coach could be tougher than anywhere else. Yet, it is possible. Most coaches we have had even in our tougher of times have ended up being quite good at the NHL level. Calgary does not have this problem....did they end up with better coaches? Toronto? Ottawa? Edmonton? Vancouver? Oh yes, Vancouver did with....Alain Vigneault.

I believe that people who keeps saying that we are reducing the number of great candidates are just eithier not interested to look at what the Q produces or just think that the Q sucks period. Which anglophones here knew Guy Boucher before the medias started to sell it to you? But then people will say "well, he sucks doesn't he, look at his record, he wasn't that good after all..." Well that's not the point. It's Yzerman who got him. Not another french friend. Besides, we can't say that the Yzerman-Boucher sucks after 2 years. We are told by a lot of people in this very own board to be patient with the Gauthier-Gainey pairing after 8 freakin it works for us, has to work for them.

Why are people not picketing in front of Brière's and Lecavalier's families? Are you serious? Don't you hear the booing that Brière gets everytime he touches the puck? Don't you think it's a tough enough statement for a guy who just evidently chose a better team? Come on.

And then you go on to explain how it's important to not concentrate solely on the locals with the Réjean Houle era? Again, seriously? Yes, this is was the worst choice ever. Probably not at the Milbury level (see an anglo could be really bad as well), but he clearly made us go backwards for at least 5-7 years. At best. And yes, they went with francos which credentials were only their language. WHICH IS NOT WHAT PEOPLE WANT. (not sure how many times I have to write this). Yes, the Q is not what it used to be. But there are still great prospects in there. Hindsight or not, you could have had a team filled with Bergeron, Pominville, Giroux, Perron, Vlasic, Letang etc. if you wanted to. Paired with plugglers like Laperrière, Talbot, Lapierre. The talent is there. It's not as clear. But when you believe in something, you do the extra mile and put your confidence in what you believe in. We put our confidence in the American program. We believe in it. Result? 14 freakin picks coming from the American system since 2007 (including Louis Leblanc a Quebecer yet, the program was American). Now, are the US better at developing right now than the Q? Surely. And while I'm a Q fan, people know how a NCAA fan I am as well. Go Wolverines. But it will be real interesting to see how many will get out and be NHL pros compared to the Q products we have chosen or not chose to make room for the Americans. We will see in a later time. 2007 looks good for McDo and MaxPac. While we all love and adore MaxPac as you can see with my avatar, if we would have went with Perron, nothing suggest we would have less appreciate him. In later rounds, while we went with Stejskal and Conboy, only an ontarian native but Q product, Paul Byron has played some games. Yes, another diminutive Q product, yet, we don't seem to hate those guys do we? 2008. I like Quailer, I really do. Some untapped potential there. Yet, much later was drafted Jason Demers. Okay, that's hindsight. But that is not the point. The point is while talent is tougher to find. IT IS THERE. And for the ONLY team who has a supposed LOCAL combine, aren't we supposed to be on top of the other teams?

Not like the Habs are avoiding french players? Sorry, this is where I beg to differ. I might not have any proof so that's just an opinion. But Gauthier wants to control everything as we already know. And he probably would want to control what's coming out of his players' mouths. For that, you need to reduce the number of people talking. And since french medias always go to politically correct Darche, well that's less distraction for the Habs, or so they think. 'Cause then they disregard the distraction that not having a whole lot of guys is causing. Again, when you want them, you get them. And we saw a diminution of those guys lately. While in the same time, TBay has seen an augmentation of those guys. While in the same time, you see a team like Philly who has drafted 8 guys coming from the Q since 2007. Not all with success, I know. But it is just to show that when you have an interest in it, you go the extra mile to do so. We've have had 5 Q guys since that draft.

Oh and the rule about french players....look it didn't last very long.

Yes, there are great players everywhere. I just said that we have to be present everywhere, Sweden etc....But the Q cannot be discarded the way they are doing. And next time, when you do a local combine, just don't pick a guy like Giroux 'cause he has slower feet than Mathieu Carle.....

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