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01-08-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by JLP View Post
Frst, there is a world outside the Montreal Canadiens fan base. Many of these protesters come from that world. So "winning" is not the only metric here.

I'm an anglo but I speak three languages and I understand the special position of Quebec -- seven million francos surrounded by 350 million anglos -- would be a pity if the place were Louisiana-ized. So people stand on guard for their culture. Hey, that sounds Canadian doesn't it.

Looks like it was a fun protest, too bad some posters here seem to disagree either with the right of assembly or with the preservation of the French language and Quebec culture.

If RC wants to work in a French environment he should pick up some grammatical structures, stock phrases and a few dozen words of hockey vocabulary that he can toss out in pressers. Is that so difficult to grasp? Honestly I think some of the people protesting the protesters are the real knuckleheads.
I'm a French Canadian and I'm fine with having an anglophone coach, but the anti-french b.s going on in this board is making me facepalm.

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