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Name: Chris
Age: 20
Location: Kirkland, West-Island
Favourite current Hab: Carey Price
Favourite all time Hab: Saku Koivu
Favourite beverage: Orange Crush
Favourite food: French Fries
Favourite movies: Fight Club, Saving Private Ryan, Inglorious Basterds, Defiance
Favourite music: The Beatles, Sublime, Oasis
Hobbies/interests: Everything related to hockey, video games, drinking with friends
Origin of your screen name: HUGE Beatles fan, obviously
How long you've been a habs fan? I'd say my whole life like everyone else, but if that doesn't count, then about 10 years
How did you became a habs fan? My dad
Jerseys owned: Used to have a Zednik jersey, now Subban
Your Choice Habs Captain 2010/11: Josh Gorges
Price or Halak 2010/11? Whichever it took to make the Habs win, I liked them both and saw their potential. In 2010/11 it was probably a good idea to ride the hot hand like we did.
Predicted Habs Finish 2010/11: 5th in the East, I think
What is the most useless item you own: Devils pendant
Why it didn't work out between you and Megan Fox: I have a girlfriend already
Celebrity Man crush: I'm not too much into celebrities, but if I chose one I guess it would be Price!
Would you rather be a Ninja or Wizard: Wizard
If you were commisioner for a day you would: Probably look into the Nordiques situation and make an effort to get them a team... mostly to get the annoying fans out of Montreal and back to Quebec City (I kid, I kid)

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