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01-08-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Souvenirs View Post
I'm a French Canadian and I'm fine with having an anglophone coach, but the anti-french b.s going on in this board is making me facepalm.
It's really not anti-French, hopefully it's not coming across like that. I think most of us are FROM Montreal and we speak French just fine, but we're just not "French" (and some on this board ARE French and post en anglais). And we're now substituting the word French for these people cuz it's dragging on and due to the nature of the controversy, it's clearly the buzzword. So really what people are getting angry about is that a large group of exclusively French people from who the hell knows where in Quebec tarnishing out organization (ironic isn't it). It's one thing if this is about right and laws and other bs that usually dominated the political spectrum, but THIS, it being about the Habs. The bilingual, work together as two cultures Montreal Canadiens is too much. It's overstepping. The people trying to claim this team as their personal billboard are...French and they're doing a good job of making everyone who is like them (French people who don't share their views) look stupid. You think it looks bad on this board? Consider that almost everyone outside this city thinks we're ALL protesting Randy and that there are no fans who don't think this is an issue. They are branding us ALL as bigots. It's not by a long shot preserving a culture, it's trying to usurp one actually. The Habs do not belong to any particular cultural group or at the very least, they are couched in both english and french (this is getting tiring having to write this every day). The rest of the continent and wherever this is making small news will see it as Montreal citizens don't accept english-speaking coach (unilingual obviously).

It's embarrassing to all of us who support the team and not some empty, right out of the tea-party mould (take back our freedom, etc.) idiots. Moreover, it's more destructing to REAL fans of the actual TEAM.

Back to original point, nobody is bashing every French person, but the overwhelming trend that French leaders and their sheep mobilize to take over everything they can in the province and this time they can GTFO. Believe me, it's not good for English-French relations in the city and province. I'm from Montreal, but I live in Ontario now. I have a Québec flag on my wall and I'm proud of where I come from, defending us all the time, wearing it on my sleeve. This latest asinine bull crap makes me feel sick to my stomach. What am I really sticking up for? Are these my compatriots? These ignorant people who will not tolerate a coach who can't speak French...yet. Sad sad sad. I'm starting not to feel a little bit proud when people ask me, oh you're from Montreal, so you can speak French?

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