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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
The Kings are beyond just adding a .5 goal per game, they need a full goal extra per game.

Do you agree that the Kings have been built exactly as Dean wants? Do you think he has compromised at all? Getting the Kings to 25th in offense isn't exactly something that they should be striving for. It should be for a top 10 offense and defense.

I think AEG just let Dean dig his own grave with the Sutter hire and keeping the assistants that have the Kings at the bottom of the league in offense for 2 straight years. I think people forget that Stevens wasn't with the Kings when they had a good PP and finished 9th in total offense.
I think DL built this team exactly the way he wanted to, yes.

I do think however that DL did not expect the offense to go in the toilet.

Look, you have Kopitar, Brown, Williams, all have scored 20-30 goals annually, AT LEAST.

He adds, Richards, Penner, Gagne, all who have scored 20-30 goals annually,

Are you saying he knew the offense would be dismal? I can't agree there.

I think he is telling himself, WTF do I do now, I added all these offensive guys, I have great offensive dmen, I just fired the coach, holy hell....

I do think a shakeup is in order, I think a minor shakeup has to be done soon, ie, sending Clifford down, trading Martinez, or Drewiske....something, get some kind of new player blood infused.

I wouldn't mind if he goes and send a 4th out for a 38 year old veteran hard ass 3rd/4th liner who comes in and kicks the **** out of the young players....but get something here.

I have no doubt he has been talking, fielding offers, holding off the vultures etc...

Also, in regards to Sutter and the assistants, yea, that was huge mistake, you don't hire a guy and say, here, right the ship, but here are two anchors you have to do it with, that was bush league and the wrong thing to do. Admire his loyalty to guys like Kompon and Stevens, absolutely, but you don't let loyalty shoot you in the balls...

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