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01-08-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by izzy75 View Post
LyricalLyricist -

I like you're reasoning. Though winning in a NJD kinda way makes the 2nd half much more exciting, no?
Absolutely. Even if you don't make it, it's a certain level of internal standards enforced within the organization. They do not quit, it's amazing and it grabs hold of others around the league. Also, NJD were very fortunate to win the draft lottery and get a top 5 pick anyway. I guess good karma? Still, life doesn't always work that way.

Originally Posted by snakeye View Post
Boston is, since November. Still, going .75 is a fairy tale.
I know, but that was my point, even with their dominance for the majority of the year they had a slump and are not .75 with half the season done. I find it's a fair sample considering we're talking about another 41 games here.

Originally Posted by ReVeuF View Post
Maybe for us but not good for the team,between a lottery pick or a 10-13th can make a difference in the long run
Absolutely but it's also the game plan. Getting a top 5 pick will help us long term but if we go status quo and don't full out retool we're taking the long and sometimes uneffective way. In this case, we finish whatever we finish but attempting this dream run will have consequences. The line up posted above is better obviously but i'd rather it be retooled as its just not good enough.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Leave him alone, he's in a good mood.
Alcohol does that to you.

Originally Posted by psychonaut View Post
really if Montreal get 64% of points they would have 94 at the end of the year. Would of been good for last year. Even 64% would be hard to achieved yet not impossible.
And if they get 63%? That's the issue. Is it worth the risk?

Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
The outlook may look bleak but theoretically it can be done with 60%. How? With strategic wins over the teams that are competing with the Habs for the 6th-7th-8th places (and also those ranked 4th and 5th when there's an opportunity). In that paradigm the losses would be against teams that are too far ahead of the Habs to be caught or are in the West conference. Optimistically, some of the losses would be in OT or SO, giving the Habs additional points. In other words, the Habs would be dragging down their competitors in the process of piling up their own points. Of course, it would be extremely helpful if some of the direct competitors suffered losing streaks of their own,
Absolutely, divisional wins and all that are key. Losing to Vancouver isn't same as losing to an in conference team.

Let's be honest here though, you're considering 6-8 competition. Let's look at #15. I'll make a random remaining of the year record that would give us 94 points.


What's funny is the NYI, last in the east need 30-13-0, 27-10-6 or any other similar looking combination to the habs. Are we asking which combination of teams they need to beat over their last 43 games or do most think it's over for them?

Either way, I realize the thread is about line ups but I seriously hope some are traded if we're not up to par by the deadline and we don't see a 'full lineup' for long.

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