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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Agreed. I thought the Kings could get into the middle of the pack, but only if Murray and Dean let them play in the middle of the ice. Murray loved his "dot-to-board" play and it got him fired by AEG, I still don't think Dean wanted to fire him.

I agree, I didn't think the Kings would be anywhere near 30th in total offense this season. But I was still afraid of how Murray would play. He didn't change, so the offense didn't either.

But he fired the coach and hired his clone. Dean doesn't think there is anything wrong with how the Kings play. He sees no system issues with generating goals. He is probably happy that the Kings are allowing fewer goals per game. I remember when someone asked Murray about the offense and he talked about how the Kings allowed 4 fewer goals in the same number of games. Didn't mention that the Kings offense was even worse and the Kings differential was worse.
LOL You're gonna love this,

But under Sutter, they are virtually playing the same system, if that's by default from the timing of the hiring, or if he actually does play the same system.


I can't stress this enough, there is a DIFFERENCE, between generating offense, and FINISHING offense, The Kings right now, can generate offense, they can generate good scoring chances, You've seen it in the past 10 games, it can be done, you've seen since Sutter came on board, Brown drive the net, Kopitar drive the net, Williams drive the net, That is a part of Sutter's system change I believe, yesterday they got away from that, but they can still GENERATE offense.

That isn't the problem.

The problem is,

They can't ****ing finish. For whatever reason, mental block, not caring where they are shooting, or their aim just ****ing sucks, they aren't finishing the chances they are getting.

Yes, it's been half a season, but I would be more worried if they weren't generating the chances, they are.

I don't have a way to go back and view the games, maybe someone does and can post how many shots from the house, how many posts they hit, how many GREAT saves the goaltender had to make in the past 10 games,

THAT's a better indicator if a team is actually generating offense or not.

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