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(Video) Richards and Ovechkin bad blood history

Alex Ovechkin and Mike Richards hate each other. This bad blood began at the 2005 World Cup Games, each captain of their countries team. Having see n all the games they played (Flyers/Caps), and hearing Keith Jones and Bill Clement and other (if on versus) analysts cite that animosity spilling over into every NHL game, i wondered how or why it began

That was answered by a reporter prior to the 2010 Olynpics. I read an article by a Canadian reporter covering the games. He went from countries that were rivals to 'rivalries within a rivalry' and Richards and Ovechkin. He said he'd heard that's where the bad blood started by reporters who covered that game and some of the Canadian players they spoke to. In order for Russia to get to the Gold medal game, they had defeated USA (7-2_). Something Ovechkin said about that game, bragging, boasting or dissing the USA , whatever it was it caused Richards to see red. Captain Crunch fortified himself with a bit more piss and vinegar than normal that game and ended up with a gold medal, Ovie got a separated shoulder.

This TSN video has the analysts commenting on that Cup game and the NHl games that have followed with then trying to out hit and out score each other.

Video highlights shown
- From World Cup Gold Medal game
-Richards and Ovechkin fighting.
-Richards and Ovechkin chasing, antaganizing and hitting each other and scoring .
-Oct 2009 game where they went full out, hitting and scoring, Richie with the hatrick, Ovie with 2

Clips from the Caps/Flyers playoffs in 2008 when Richards and Ovechkin went full at each other for 7 games and OT in game 7.

Just setting up what could happen tommorow, these 2 have a very strong and intense dislike for each other. And it does usually bring out the beast in Richie.

The vidoe has some really good highlights

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