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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Here are the Flyers last 5 games:

Flyers versus Senators, 3 goals, 39 shots:

Flyers versus Hawks, 5 goals, 46 shots:

Flyers versus Rangers, 2 goals, 36 shots (Winter Classic):

Flyers versus Penguins, 4 goals, 23 shots:

Flyers versus Lightning, 1 goal, 32 shots:

I'm done for now. It's too depressing.

Other than the outdoor game (still more than the Kings do), the Flyers take it to the middle and get clusters of high scoring chances. Tampa's goalie must have stood on his head to only give up 1 goal against, or it could have been too little too late in that game. Not many shots in the second period.
Thanks for the work, slight problem though, unless I am missing something, you can't say the Flyers got clusters of high scoring chances.

Unless you are just talking about proximity.

I am taking timing into account as well, meaning one shot in a high scoring shot at a time, is fine and dandy, but that will RARELY score right away, you need "clusters" of shots, you need that 2nd, 3rd, 4th shot in the vicinity at the same time, to consistently score.

You can't get that from a shot chart.

Other than that, I noticed that 4 of the 5 Flyer games, they had good chances in the middle, but so did the Kings under their array of coaches, the difference though is this.

Those 4 Flyer games had them scoring 13 goals,

Those 4 Kings games had them scoring 11 goals,

I thought it was dramatically less when I started to type that lol, so the problem isn't that the Kings CAN'T do it, it's they CAN'T do it on a CONSISTENT basis.....


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