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01-08-2012, 03:25 PM
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goes to show you that LA is unwilling to go where they should for shots or to setup. they prefer to take an easy shot/setup from outside, rather than pay the price inside. after the fact its easy then to say they got X shots as a team. player 1 had X shots, player 2 had X shots. when all along those shots were from low % areas and likely had no one in front of the goalie setting a screen.

BBF's one and first call to action for each guy is this. "give me one shot per game from inside the house". i dont care if you have 10 shots overall, give me 1 shot inside not outside. until they get inside for at least one shot don't even bother with the same bs from outside. my god if half the guys suddenly got shots in this area the goal scoring could erupt. what a concept!

he has to start changing their mindset and making them drive the net/slot at this point. someone, anyone on this team has to grow a pair and get the **** inside. Clifford, JW, DB and Fraser have been stepping it up as of late. BUT there needs to be more commitment made by everyone here. drive the net/slot and good things happen. suddenly you draw penalties (wait LA can't score on the PP), defenders collapse which opens seams for others, keepers get screened, rebounds lay around, etc.

go a *** pair and drive the net and slot and goals will be scored

btw....nice post Syd

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