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01-08-2012, 04:08 PM
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He is a great player... almost guaranteed 30 goals per year, 65-70 points per year. But I do think people may be slightly overvaluing him due to his flyers ties, heck, I don't blame you all, when I found out in 2000 that Mike Richter was a big flyers fan when younger I wanted him at all costs, even though he was old and play starting to dip by then.

And when Tangradi was in the draft in 07 I was so pissed off that we drafted Marshall 1 place ahead of him as he was a massive flyers fan.

I'd go JVR+ prospect or pick for Ryan, maybe JVR, prospect and pick. But if we gave any more I could see JVR getting 70 points per year, with Ryan maybe getting 75-80, for an extra 5-10 points a year, and we would lose depth or D with another roster player on top of JVR. That would probably come back and bite us.

I love Ryan, sign him on every game I play, want him here badly, almost too much, but I wouldn't want to rush into it based on sentimentality when there are greater needs.

If JVR + Cousins/Ranford + 2nd gets Ryan... Done in a heartbeat, but any more... no for now.

When they were both first year players (both aged 20-21) Ryan had 10 points in 23, JVR had 35 in 78, pretty similar pace. In Ryan's third year he got 64 points (0.79 ppg), JVR is heading for 0.62 ppg this year while obviously playing hurt for a while.

Yes, Ryan is better, and will probably always be. But not that much better we should give up a lot for him, especially since we don't need him.

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