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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
You're not looking close enough, the only game that was didn't have them was the Coyote game against Labs. The 2nd game against the Blue was another one (only 3 goals), but I remember some weak goals against in that game too.,

Which other game doesn't have several shots in the middle?

But 8 games out of 42 could be down to "luck and bounces".

8 games out of 42? And you think the Kings are generating offense?

It also took you 23 games to get 4 games where the Kings had some middle offense to compare with Philadelphia. This is the Murray shot mentality, hope and pray offense at work.

BTW, I don't expect the Canuck game every time, but that game is the anomaly, not the other 34 games where the Kings can't score more than 2 regulation goals. I just want more emphasis on the middle of the ice. No more shots from the perimeter to get shots.
The Wild, the Preds are two games I would put in the, didn't get the majority of the shots from in front etc,

I was being facetious more than anything,

I guess we would have to define what we call a "good" game in regards to shot charts, ie, are 5 good shot chances a good game? 10? 15? etc?

I would think a minimum 10 shots every game, and they probably win those games with their defense to be honest.

Every game can't be the Canucks game, of course, but every game has to have a minimum 10 chances in that area I would be ok with that.

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