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01-08-2012, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I would say before this most Montreal anglophones who speak French (let's be honest, we all speak French in MTL...except Cunney) were actually in Quebec's corner most of the time. We love our city, we love our tradition and we love our Habs (it's tough love, sure). This whole debacle has created more divisiveness than I've personally experienced between the two cultures. I was only 11 during the last referendum and I remember it causing a lot of problems and I couldn't quite grasp the issues. Living in Ontario, I've been exposed to how ignorant people are outside of Quebec about Quebec, about French as a language and generally the sentiment was F Quebec. Being from Montreal, I always defended it, saying "how would you feel if the rest of your country was against you and counter to your culture". I was being an apologist for the sentiment that not enough people in Canada learn French or even care. It was be thinking that we should be united and that idiots like Cherry who bash "frenchies" should be fired. Those things enraged me even though my cultural background is not French (and let's be honest, we mean Québecois).

Then there's THIS and I'm again confused about who I am wrt to this province, this country. It is f'in sad when I realize that Toronto embraces immigrant cultures (not to mention Vancouver and Ottawa) and that we're not even talking about that. We're talking about a dude who doesn't speak French, but who is trying to dig the Habs out of a hole. RDS is a franco paradise. Everything Habs-related is French. There is every effort to appease and celebrate the French tradition. I have embraced that and personally I prefer to watch the games in French, it just feels more special to me (FTR, I think Pierre Houde and Marc Denis are class acts who never try to push an agenda unlike their colleagues). Now it just disgusts me and for the first time I realize that this entire country is full of idiots. Of course they're small minority groups, but while I regale in watching the mess that is US politics, I realize we are just as F'd as them when it comes to this issue.

I'm angered when my friends in Ontario say derisive things about the French and Quebec. I'm so happy when I meet a fellow Quebecois who I can speak French to. And now, I'm just disgusted by the notion that on this board some people are saying stuff like Anglos have it easy in Quebec, don't contribute, don't help society and they aren't really part of Quebec's fabric. It's total BS. I always speak French when I go home, even though it gets rusty when I don't use it for awhile. I celebrate the uniqueness of Montreal, what a great city I come from. And then...this. Puke in my mouth. We are no better than a bible belt evangelical state, rife with people who can't think for themselves and who are fooled by masters of deception to create this scenario. This whole incident has done one thing for them - strengthened their base of total dimwits who blatantly follow a false narrative and who vote against their best interests. I'm starting to understand (again) why the rest of Canada thinks Quebecers are a spoilt entitled group of whiny brats. And really, it's not even the case. It's the select few who ruin it for everyone, on both sides. We really need a leader to galvanize the two sides, to foster mutual respect, to make everyone aware of their differences, but truly appreciate them. There are so many French colonies where the locals don't act like jackasses wrt their modified French culture (this isn't France, in case people forget).

This is just another episode from the book of "both sides have idiots" in this country. I'm from Montreal, I speak French. I'm proud. I'm not even CULTURALLY "english" (in fact, they've done far more harm to my ancestral country than anyone throughout history). I think my culture is Montreal. And that's French and English and these protesters can just suck it. I'm a Habs fan, a real one and THAT's what counts.
We often disagree about the team, but I agree with 100% of what you said.

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