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12-20-2005, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DeuceUNO
I didn't get bit by the "bug" til I was 14, and now I've been playing in a men's league with former junior, HS, and collegiate players...
Wow that's so wierd. I'm 14, and just got a sudden urge to play hockey (again) earlier this year, then I supressed it, and now it's back.

I played ages 6 (skating lessons), 7 (hockey lessons), and 8 (4 team minileague). I started out extremely strong and confident on skates. I was the fastest and had by far the most stamina of any of those other 6 year olds (sigh, this is what I must brag about).

When I started the hockey lessons, it all went down, having a stick and puck (which I remember seeming extremely heavy) changed the skating a lot. When my dad got tired of it, he started trying to push me, only he hadn't really ever played hockey anywhere near my age, and had no clue what to expect. The fact that the age group was 6-12 didn't help either, because we would have 2 groups/games, the group of older kids (9-12) obviously seemed better. There was one 8 year old in the older group, and my dad expected me to match him for some reason. Eventually it got to a point where he would scream at me after the lesson every day, saying I hadn't been trying (eventhough I'd be doing exactly what the coach said). After the first 2 times it happened, I decided to try to prove him wrong. The coaches divided us up into 2 groups, the bigger, older, better kids in one group (they got goalies, goals, and almost all of the attention), and the smaller, worse, younger kids in another (we got cones, no goalies, and very little help). Anyways, I scored something like 17 goals and 3 assists (I remember because it was my "last stand"). When I came out, expecting my dad to be proud of me, I was so happy, we got in the car, he screamed at me again for saying how much I'd scored because I was in the bad game. Everyone who I told it too stared at him like he was crazy. So the next year I play in the league, and at this point I feel pressured almost to the point of tears (sometimes I was crying from nervousness before I got on the ice, often I was trying to skip my shifts), when I was on I had trouble focussing, and so eventually in a shout fest we both agreed that I would be quitting (I didn't want to quit playing hockey, but if it was the only way to get him to stop...). He also had a business that was starting to expand and was taking a lot of his anger/stress out on me, which made it 10 times worse.

So here I am 6 years later, bitter once again saying that it's all my Dad's fault. We have season tickets to the Islanders, and he takes me to almost every game (like 34-39 in a season), but it really just makes me want to play more. I'm afraid to approach him for a few reasons:
1) stupid Islanders' Iceworks doesn't really have anything for anyone older than 12 in terms of learning.
2) He'll probably go ballistic and talk about how I used to be (we still fight about the whole 3 years sometimes).
3) He'll say it's too expensive (which really isn't true, but he never expects me to stay with anything that I try).

I really want to play, but I feel I'm screwed. (Sorry for the long post.)

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