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01-08-2012, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MitchP View Post
Arn't bruins fans always talking about how great they are even though they are missing their best player (from 3 years ago) That best player has been called out for biting TWICE

Thornton must be made of steel if he can take a spear to the throat and not even flinch while superman punching a guy in the face (a guy that he slashed in the back of the leg right before Burrows evil spartan like ONE HANDED, NO CONTACT thrust

why is it that boston has these kind of games with ALL their rivals, The fans on the bruins board were calling for bloodbaths and to put guys in the hospital.. congrats you acheived that but please stop pretending that isn't exactly what that team was looking for.

For divers the canucks could sure get some lessons from Horton and the clinic the B's were putting on at the end of the game.

For unclassy whiners I wish players from the B's, Sanjose, chicago could give the canucks some lessons on how to use twitter, interviews etc to really class up their non whining.

The hypocrisy is getting sooooo pathetic.
someone should put a video together of the bruins diving with the bruin fan holding the no diving sign up between each one.

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