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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I don't think we really have the personnel to play an effective shutdown game though. There's Couturier, Read and Timonen...Simmonds, to an extent...the rest can't really be trusted. I think the idea is to maintain constant pressure to prevent them from getting many chances
Talbot as well. I agree with you though. There was some Toronto fan in the gdt earlier who was impressed with the backchecking and skating our forwards did this game - well, if you're never in the right position and keeps coughing up the puck, of course you have to skate a lot.

Originally Posted by Mike2000z28 View Post
Don't you guys remember when we played with Leighton and we had shutouts in the playoffs. We played extremely tight in our own zone and he saw a lot of the shots. We were organized as well like a machine. This team is a far shadow of that.
We played great defensively back then. But we had Lappy, Betts, Powe, Gagné (man, I miss him (a healthy Gagné that is)), Richards and Carter as well as a healthy Pronger back then as well. The guys we've replaced them with can't play like that Yet. The fact that Couturier really is our best defensive forward despite being a 19-year old rookie is quite telling, unfortunately.

Maybe we'll begin to see the same desperation not to let any shot trough on goal soon though. I don't think this loss is on Bryzgalov at all, but sooner or later the rest of the team will lose faith in him making not only the initial stop but also controlling the rebound. Leighton/Boucher was a nightmare, I hope Bryzgalov doesn't turn into that (and I don't think he's anywhere near that level yet).

Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16 View Post
Ding Ding Ding !

I am ok with the trades, but we got a lot younger and it is going to take a year or 2 for the players to get up to speed defensively. Games like this will happen, but some who want to just blame Bryz while ignoring we got a lot worse defensively are only fooling themselves.
I agree with this. I didn't like those trades, not only because I really like the players that Richards and Carter are, but mostly because I was in a win-now mode and those trades did set us back a couple of years (hopefully it pay dividends in the end though, and the way Couturier has played has made that trade a lot easier to swallow).

Originally Posted by Vikke View Post
Carle managed to be a -4, while Lilja was +2.
I don't put any weight into +/- at all, but I know there are people who do, so I post it anyway.
+/- is a great stat though, didn't you see the WJC final? Renberg praised it as a stat that never lies, I think. He's obviously never seen the career numbers of Tom Preissing.

I really like him in that role otherwise. He's very direct and also knowledgeable about the game (albeit, not always about the particular players in the game). I like him a lot better than Wikegĺrd.

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