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I've played my first two games as D, and I have to say I really love that position. I have so much more time and space and I can see the whole ice!

Had a lesson today with another coach than my usual one (who was out of town). The guy I had today is really good for power skating (ex-CHL/AHL and used to teach the Robbie Glantz classes) and I told him that I wanted to work on my agility and speed. I think he will be a good complement to my other coach who focuses on edges/stickhandling/shooting. I thought I'd share the things that I did today...

First he put two pucks out, one on the right and left in front of me about 5 feet apart. I had to do figure 8's facing forward the whole time, so it resulted in me having to do these pivots/backwards tight turns. Needless to say, I was doing them way slower than he could do them. Then he would move the pucks together closer and closer until they were about 2 feet apart and I would have to hop in order to do the turns. It was hard!

Then he had the same two pucks out and he had me do mohawk turns around them. Trick was to lead with your stick around the puck, somehow it made that easier.

Then he had me get low in a hockey stance with a puck under the toe of one of my skates. I had to push a stride out all the way back with the leg that had the puck and bring it back under my body without falling over. You really had to focus on getting your weight under your one good leg. After extending my leg about 5 times, it made the inside of my thighs just BURN from that simple movement.

Next, he had me skate down the red line, on one foot on one side of the line, then spring up on that foot over the line and land on the other foot, absorbing the jump. And then just do that all the way down the line.

Then it was forwards and backwards scissors-skating, as fast as I could do it. He was really trying to get me to roll my ankles out, but my ankles don't really don't like to do that yet!

Then he had me do the half-pivot drill, like so:

I can actually pull that off now, but it's not quite that pretty.

My favorite drill that we did was sort of like the first one I mentioned, but with 4 pucks. I drew a diagram:

4 pucks in a square in front of you, always facing forward, go around in the pattern above. They start off about 5 feet apart and it's hard enough to go fast doing that, but then he puts the pucks about 2 feet apart and you have to do a lot of hopping in order to get around the pucks!

I was feeling like I was gonna hurl after about 20-30 minutes of drills, so it was awesome. Later in the S&P session he would just goof around with me on the ice and play keep away. It's brutal because he can flip the puck over my head and get past me that way if he wants to. He gave me some good tips, one of which was that when there are two of you going for a loose puck, oftentimes it's simpler just to put your stick firmly on the ground blocking your opponent from getting to it for another split second so that you can grab it, and it's not interference when you're both in reach of the puck. Don't know if that makes sense from my description, but he used that tactic on me quite a bit!

He said next time he'll bring his rubber band things for some overspeed stuff, and I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think it will be fun.

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