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01-08-2012, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
I thought he came out and said that he actually preferred the LW.
I'd have to dig through for the quotes, but in his interviews from previous years, he has said that he prefers the right and that it was his natural position, leading up to that controversial statement where, after the final game of the season he made mention of Lombardi needing to get a left winger for the team, and the subsequent backlash from Lombardi about Brown and company needing to step up their own games and worry about their own play more.

This year has been a slight about face, before he has dutifully replied that he will play wherever the coach wants him, but this year he has expressed more comfort with the left side and a greater willingness to move to accommodate the line shifts. His interview this year, he said that he doesn't mind the left side, and then pointed out the pros and cons (better offensively left, better defensively right), though I still think he prefers the right side (don't recall him ever publicly changing his mind), he has appeared favorable to the idea of playing left for an indefinite period of time.

I'll still look for the quotes, but that is my take on it from memory.

Edit - Found his quotes about his shift left this year, still looking for his original quotes previously about preferring right -

“It’s a double-edged sword. It’s much more difficult making plays coming out of your own end. But making plays, just crossing the blue line on the offensive side, you can cut, you can do the slant pass onto the guy’s stick, and it’s a lot easier to drive wide. Last night, I had a couple chances where I got a step on a guy — they made good plays and I didn’t get to the net — but on the right side it’s much more difficult to get around the guy wide. When I’m on my backhand, I can protect the puck a lot better. There’s a lot more options on the offensive side of the puck. I just have to take more reps in practice.

“If you look, even this year, my best chances are when I get the puck coming off my left side. Like I said, it’s more difficult making plays out of my zone, but that’s just a matter of getting reps and working on it. It’s just like anything else. Pulling pucks off the walls as a right winger, I’m used to it because I’ve been doing it for an extended period of time. It’s just a matter of adjusting.’’
Another from this year, that you might be alluding to:

“I prefer the left side, offensively,” Brown said. “I’ll play left or right. I felt really good on the left side. But with [veteran left wing Dustin] Penner coming into the lineup, I go back to the right [side]. We’ll see what we can do.”
Found it, though it is a combination of Murray and his own preference:

BROWN: ``From a personnel standpoint right now, what sticks out in my mind is left wing. I’m playing left wing, and I have no problem playing left wing, but I think Terry prefers me on right wing. I’ve played the last 15 games or so on the left, and it has definitely taken some time to get adjusted to. We also had Zeus (Michal Handzus) playing left wing, and he’s a natural center. He’s been one of our better centers this year and he’s great on faceoffs. He was playing left wing for five or six games. We got rid of Cammy (Michael Cammalleri) last year, and with Sully (Patrick O’Sullivan) getting dealt at the deadline this year, it feels like, from a personnel standpoint or a positional standpoint, it’s left wing.’’

BROWN: ``No, not at all. But when you look at our lineup, Fro (Alexander Frolov) plays left wing, but I would prefer the right side and I think Zeus would prefer to play center obviously. We were putting one of our best faceoff men on the wing, so that obviously shows a need.’’
So yeah... It is confusing, and as I said, who knows what he really thinks... In the past, he has said directly that he prefers the right side, but this season he said that he has worked at adjusting to the left side and he now prefers it offensively, and will continue to work on improving defensively at it. So take what you will from that...


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