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01-09-2012, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Interesting point about the nux having more agitators than Detroit, hence why they might need a goon. Will have to think on that a bit. Could be something to it.

My thought is that in order to succeed vs. Boston, the team needs to get better 5 on 5. That is the primary focus. Do that, and everything else will be righted. If the team can't, then it's going to continue to have problems vs. the B's.

Put another way: it's not about team toughness at all, it's about dictating the flow of the hockey game. That's essentially what needs to be done. And it's what the B's do well. They play a very aggressive style which gives them an edge against teams at even strength. They play knowing that they will take penalties. Other teams play avoiding trying to take penalties. This is a huge shift in focus. If the penalties are evened out during the course of a game, then the B's have just dictated the flow of the game without paying a price. On the flipside, If the nux are better able to dictate the game at even strength via skill, then they will have taken the B's biggest advantage away from them.

Basically, become a better team and the B's will have to adjust, but don't adjust to them.
I agree with this.

The "toughness" people here are looking for is testosterone based where they feel the "manhood" of the team they cheer for is being tested. They don't like cheering for a team that doesn't fight back, a team that will take a beating and not respond in kind. It doesn't reflect the style of game they are used to playing or watching. It draws a lot of criticism and distain from other fanbases, talking heads, other players and many others...but it works. We have a style here that is hard to play against, frustrates the hell out of other teams, and for the most part is extremely successful for the entire franchise. Players may talk crap about us but lots have signed here for less money than market value, fanbases may talk crap about us but they'd love to have our record. This team may not strike fear into teams because they are in for a physically punishing game, they are afraid because we can beat them without it. So just because we don't win our fights, and we don't retaliate when teams take liberties, and we don't have a "policeman", doesn't mean we don't have a "tough" team. Canuck toughness is more about perseverance and endurance. It's not what I'm used to as a hockey fan but it got us to a President's trophy, game 7 of the SCF last year and its got us rolling in the same path this year.

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