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01-09-2012, 03:37 AM
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Help needed please.

Hi guys, quick story about myself.
23 yrs old 6,6 270 pounds

I have been sick for 4 years now. Was doing nothing but watching tv and eating fast good. Now I can finally exercice so I bought some skates cause i love hockey and i have a nice outdoor rink near me.

I bought some cheap bauers 22s at canadian tire.

Question 1 :

I can put a finger at the back of the skate when my toes are touching the front of the skate. Are my skates too tall ? I wear a 11 in shoes and I took a 10 for skates.

Question2 :

When i skate, it produces a "ice scraping" sound. What could cause that ?

I'm 6,6 270 pounds and out of shape. could it just be me just not lifting my skates enough ?

Question 3 :

I'm a beginner and I've been practising the hockey stop a lot these days. It just seems impossible to me.

I can stop with one foot by putting all my weight on my back foot and scraping the ice with my front foot but i just cant do both feet stop .

If i try i hurt myself by falling forward.

Really looking for some good advices ive watched like 10 vids and cant get it yet.

I dream of it damnit i'm not even practising anything else i want to do the effing hockey stop

So yeah my goal is to join a recreational league when i get back in shape.

Thx guys for the infos.

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