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01-09-2012, 05:35 AM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by Barry Weiss View Post
I know that Rodgers and his offense are deadly, potent, lethal, whatever adjective you can also think of that makes them scary.

With that said, I'm not scared of Rodgers: I am scared of a repeat we saw with the officials back in Week 13. The supposed out of bounds catch by Ballard in the end zone (Even with the play being reviewed!!!), the negated sack on Rodgers on 3rd down for some kind of flimsy call, the holding by the Packers O-Line, especially their defenders on our WRs (That non-call with Nicks having his jersey knotted by a Packer still brings my blood to a boil!)

I really, really hope the officials are objective come this Sunday because, if not, the G-Men will need nothing short of a miracle.
They won't be.

Easy E is going to have to be at his absolute best.

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