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Originally Posted by RandyRolfe View Post
Yup. My first thread and I'm starting to regret it... I'm waiting for someone to pop in with a reference to Luongo being a bad goalie and then I'm oudda here!
it's not a very good thread because you started with an incorrect premise that few people care about - the 10 game suspension is clearly a spirit of the law over letter of the law rule that can be waived off for practically any reason to protect all but the worst of goons. it's meant to prevent true bench clearing brawls and complete ****heads from ruining a game by hopping off when they shouldn't, not to penalize a guy who was on the ice 0.25 seconds prior to an engagement he definitely would be been in on

it's also discussing a thing that is being discussed in multiple threads both here and elsewhere on the forums

i'll be extra nice - your attitude, while possibly pleasant in a discussion with friends, comes across as condescending and unpleasant when you're bantering back and forth on a forum

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