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01-09-2012, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterD View Post
Everybody says we need to go at a 0.600 pace or whatnot... Now, I have not calculated anything, ans I have drank a little too much of this amazing beer to start, but I'm pretty sure people forget the 1 point for OT/shootout loss. If we get a few of those, playoffs are not out of reach.

By the way, even with the 2 last wins and how exciting the team has been, I wish we would do a "firesell" (get rid of Gomez, find a decent trade for Cammalleri, possibly Pleks or Pacioretti if the return makes sense *ie. Getzlaf)) and finish deep down to finally draft someone realy good. I do not see a point in finishing [8-10]
Okay, i'll put a different system in place.

Habs need around what, 94 points? We currently have 39, we need 55 more. Instead of doing win % i'll do point %. With 41 GP left, we have to make 55 points out of a possible 82PTS. That's 67% for point percentage. Now...the highest ranked team in the league, the NYR are currently sitting at a 71.8% and say the 6th ranked team in our conference is at 58.5%. The vancouver canucks, 2nd in the NHL are at 65.4% So again, to get 94 pts we need to keep a similar point percentage between 1st and 2nd in the entire league and way above the 6-7-8 ranked teams. Yah...we're not making it.

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