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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
I don't think us non-parents who have ever had the experience of raising a child should have such a strong opinion about something as complicated as preparing a child for this world. Too many intricacies and nuances to have any such opinion be taken seriously at the moment. It does make for some interesting discussion though.
I have 3 boys, one of whom is a teenager and one of whom is pre-school aged.

The teenager likes hockey because I like hockey and have given him access to tickets and video games, but he is not athletically inclined. He tried ice skating and hated it; I bought him roller blades and he was just not interested. He likes talking about the players but in no way is he ever going to be a hockey player himself. It would be immoral (and pointless) to pressure him to play. He would hate it, and hate me.

The little guy has been skating since just after he turned 2. I love hockey, but even I can't keep up with how much he wants to play. When he's not playing hockey, he's playing on a kiddie basketball goal or kicking a soccer ball around the yard. I have little doubt he will grow up playing house league and maybe even travel if he shows some potential. I don't need to pressure him to play, but I do need to pressure him to work hard and take his games seriously. We can have fun at home, but at the rink he has a responsibility to himself and his team. That's as important as the skills and knowledge he'll get from playing. And it's my responsibility as a father to make sure he gets it.

Parenting is an awful lot like teaching (which I have also done, a long time ago). Don't be too quick to judge a parent who wants their kid to soar but has no idea how to teach the right lessons.

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