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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
I would never pressure my child ( assuming I have one someday) to do anything of that sort.

If he or she likes hockey, they can pursue it as far as they care too and as far as I can support them. I don't like this thing where kids leave home at 14 to pursue high level hockey careers. I would have to go with them or they would have to pursue that career where we live.
I feel the same way.
My oldest son is turning 9 and this is his last year in Novice. In fact, it's his last year of hockey. He just doesn't care for organized hockey.
When they're young, most kids need to be forced somewhat to learn the game as it's not easy and most of the time they get the worst hours (7:30 am on a Sunday. Give me a break).
But he's at an age where he can decide what he wants to do and he's chosen basketball as his fall/winter sport. I'm fine with that too.
I've seen my share of ugliness the sport has to offer and I'm glad he's done with it.
The thing is, he loves playing on our backyard rink and whenever we rent the ice with family and friends.
But he didn't care for the pressure and aggression that he experienced once he got to Novice.
Hockey's a sport that rewards a certain personality. If you're not aggressive, you better be super talented to succeed.
Otherwise, you need to be a bit of a jerk to do well.

My younger son (5-years-old) is a better athlete and does well at hockey. He's lazy though and will have shifts where he simply stands and stares at the rafters.
I put a bit of pressure on him to do his best on every shift. I told him I don't care if you don't score goals, but at least try your best everytime you're on the ice. That seems to have worked well for him.
But other than that, I don't do much prodding.
I see dad's in the dressing room telling their 5-year-old to 'protect the house' first and backcheck. This will lead to scoring opportunities and will help the team win.
Stuff like that makes me laugh. No 5-year-old understands defense and backchecking.
Just tell them to try hard and have fun.

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