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01-09-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
If Rads tries to come back we get an experiment in CBA-ology. One section says he remains Preds property for bailing on us and the resulting suspension ... another says that any player coming to the NHL after playing in European league after the start of the regular season must clear waivers unless he was on loan, which Rads is not. It could get very interesting, very fast.
I am willing to bet you a large bottle of your preferred beverage that rads will be allowed to come back without waivers.

the reason is the intent of the rule is to keep teams from circumventing the cap by "hiding' a player in europe for part of the season and then bringing them back for the playoffs or a late season push.

Preds wont be punished when they didnt do anything wrong.

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