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01-09-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
I have to say, I was enlightened at the AHL Winter Classic this weekend. I've never really had an issue at Flyers games because I wear Flyers gear. But I attended the game this Friday wearing the "wrong" colors. I am a partial Flyers season ticket holder and a full Hershey Bears season ticket holder (due to the fact that it is a 2 hour drive to Philly and can't make weeknight games).

I thought it would be a good compromise to wear my Hextal Bears jersey, but I got no slack. The verbal barrage started when I sat down with my wife and daughter (who took military leave and came back to the states looking very forward to this game). I could handle the vocal stuff considering the Bears were leading for a while, but then the bottles started coming down on us and a couple of knuckleheads threatened to spit on my daughter. BS! I put a stop to it right there.

On the other hand the folks on either side of us were very pleasant and apologized for the others actions. We enjoyed the game and I got to see Flyers prospects play and my AHL home team play. Should have been a great night all around.

Back in Hershey Saturday night, I chatted with other Bears fans who had roughly the same experience. Crazy since most Hershey fans are big Flyers fans due to us being the farm team for 12 years and geographic proximity.

I was in section 305, and would love it if the poor behavior could be attributed to only a few fans, but unfortunately it was a good many of them throughout CBP. I have worn my Flyers gear to many NHL cities (Toronto, Washington, LA, Anaheim, MSG, Long Island, Pittsburg, Colorado, etc....) and have NEVER been treated so poorly as I have in my "home town".

Really kind of disgusted after this weekend.

That really sucks and shouldn't happen especially when you're there with your daughter. However, I will have to say that you were just lucky that it didn't happen at these other places. I've personally experienced the fan hatred at MSG, NJ, and DC. It happens everywhere.

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