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Originally Posted by ShaPow View Post
As Ruff stated, he wants Ryan Miller to string together the best 40 games he's ever played. Ruff is going to lean on Miller, Enroth be damned.

Hey Lindy, guess what? If Miller strung together his best 40 games ever, his save percentage and goals against average would probably look a lot like Jhonas Enroth's current numbers!

.923 sv% and a 2.46 GAA for the season.

Miller's career save percentage and GAA anyone?

.914 sv% and a 2.60 GAA.

You want to lean on your goaltending, Lindy? You want Miller to put up his best numbers ever? You already have a goaltender that is putting up the kind of numbers you seek, yet it hasn't even occurred to you to lean on him. Why? Is it because his name isn't Ryan Miller?
You're comparing apples and oranges. Lindy didn't say he wanted to see Miller's career average. He wants his career best, or close to it.

Miller's best 40-game stretch is much, much better than .914/2.60. I'm too lazy to look it up, but a couple years ago, he was putting up Hasek-like numbers for a good stretch - maybe a couple months or so at the start of the season. I can almost guarantee the 40 games that included that timespan were top-tier, elite numbers - much better and over a longer time span than anything Enroth has done so far.

So that's what Lindy is looking/hoping for - dominant, top-5 goalie in the league numbers, not career averages.

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