Thread: Speculation: 2012 Trade Deadline
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01-09-2012, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Jere26 View Post
Half the league should be going after Suter. And given Nieuwendyk's track record of the decisions he's made so far I don't see him overspending. He'll probably figure out another under-the-radar player that will fit perfectly in the team. But given he has no more limitations in spending it'll be very interesting to see his role in all this. But as some of you said, I also expect trading one of our D + more for someone big up front rather than an huge UFA pickup this offseason.

Including new contracts for Benn, Goligoski, Burish, Fistric, Larsen, Bachman and Grossman (yes, hopefully all of them) our caphit will rise dramatically.
Those are the only guys I'd re-sign if I'm GMJN.

Grossman is solid but he can walk.
Fistric is nothing spectacular and IMO hasn't developed a lick and won't be much else for us in his career.
Burish can be found on the FA market next summer for us in someone who can maybe pot a few more goals.

As for this years trade deadline, we don't have a James Neal to dangle in front of teams so I don't think we make a big trade. But I think we sell off a few players if we aren't in a playoff position.
If we are in a playoff position, I can't see us doing a lot either. The assets we have we don't want to give up for the future.

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