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01-09-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
4 years ago,
Right. I was doing the math based on calendar years, not actual NFL seasons. You're correct.

Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
anyways, It's Eli's first playoff game at Lambeau since then, and he has arguably a better receiving core, Bradshaw and Jacobs are FINALLY both healthy again, the defense has really come together at the right time, and the O-line can hold up quite well against Matthews et all.
It may be Eli's first playoff game at Lambeau since then, but he has played 2 regular season games since then against the Packers, and lost them both (this year in NY, and a blowout loss last year at Lambeau: 45-17). Eli MAY arguably have a better receiving core and healthy RB's than he did in '07, but EVERYTHING about the packers is SIGNIFICANTLY better in 2011 than it was in 2007: the receiving corps, the QB, their RB situation, both the O and D lines, and above all, their D is almost night-and-day different, in a good way. This is a better Packers team than last year, when they won the whole frigging thing.

I'm MUCH more worried about a team like Baltimore and New Orleans than I am about the Giants. The G-men are just above Houston and Denver on my "Serious-Threat-O-Meter".

Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
Manning has always been absolutely phenomenal in cold weather playoff games, and is great in the pocket when under pressure. The game will be decided by 7 points or less.
Eh. Obviously Manning has had playoff success, I'm not trying to take anything away from the guy. That being said, unless the Pack are overconfident and seriously rusty from their bye-week layoff or they get some significant in-game injuries, I can't see New York winning this game.

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