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01-09-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ShaPow View Post
Not so fast. That year was an anomaly for Miller. Ruff is asking for better than that from Miller? That's not even fair to Miller. Has Ruff just gone crazy?
I'm not saying it's realistic, or that I agree with Ruff's goalie management strategy. My point is simply that asking for Miller's best 40 games stretch is a very high bar - he's played at an elite level for extended periods of time.

Originally Posted by ShaPow View Post
That's right. Lindy has proven that's the only way he can win games. With elite goaltending. Some coaching genius, huh?
Again - I'm not here to defend Ruff. His goalie management speaks for itself. I'm just saying that when he says he wants the best 40 games of Miller's career, that's a much higher bar than anything Enroth has or is likely to accomplish. Hell, it's pretty unrealistic to expect Miller to do that again this year - but I think he's speaking more figuratively than literally, and just looking to get the best out of Miller that he can.

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