Thread: Prospect Info: What happened to David Fischer?
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01-09-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I think he came to a point in his life where he realized his development was stalling and he decided it was either get an education + real job or focus mostly on hockey. He decided education and job was a safer bet due to not developing fast enough to really become an NHL player.

Pretty sure he didn't refuse to sign with us, it was likely he and the GM had a talk and he told him he was considering school over hockey. At that point it was likely a mutual agreement.
The Habs never offered a contract in 2010. They did offer him a contract when he first was drafted, which like I said earlier, he didn't sign because he wanted to stay in University. I'm guessing this is a standard move by organizations drafting highly rated NCAA players to ensure that if the player doesn't develop, they aren't left empty handed. Offer a contract you know won't be signed, let the player develop. If he doesn't, get a compensation from the league using a "loop hole" (if a 1st round pick refuses to sign a contract, the organization gets an equivalent 2nd round pick in the next draft).

So when 2010 came around, and it was time to sign him or let him go, they chose not to sign him. He wasn't doing good, and they benefited from the fact that they had already offered a contract before to be able to ask the league for a compensation, when in reality, he was perfectly willing to sign with the Habs at that point.

He's still playing hockey. The ECHL is a full time job. So I don't think it's about his passion or his will to commit to hockey.

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