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01-09-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Duc620 View Post
He's a youngster. He's going to have up and down shifts, periods, intermission interviews, games, weeks, months, and years. He's probably up and down at the in and out, as far as that goes.

A lot of people think he should automatically have the Lindstrom experience injection the day after he signed his $7 mil per deal. But that didn't work out so well.

OTOH, Drew was personally responsible for the economic and strategic effect of the new CBA on NHL franchises and second term contracts. So, he's up and down on economic and contractual affect as well. He's bad.

Personally, I think the whole DD thing screwed up the American economy. Well, him and Obama. There you go, two guys not born in the USA. Screwing us over again. Wahhh.....
He is the one that held out for a contract. And sure we would all want as much money as possible if we were in his shoes. The flipside of that is when you sign a deal like that, management, fans and the media start to expect a certain caliber of play. I'd be a little less critical if he just signed a reasonable deal in the first place but when you are the highest paid player on the team, you deserve to be criticized when you aren't performing up to standards. I don't care how old he is. Nobody was making excuses for Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin and all the other players that have cashed in at that age.

Originally Posted by TheDankness View Post
He was never going to earn that paycheck this year. The Kings agreed to that deal because they expect him to play like a $9 million defenseman in a couple years
I hope he does but he needs to kick the attitude and realize 1) he hasn't won **** as an NHL player and 2) his team is on its way to missing the playoffs unless they really start to pull it together. We need the Kings best players to play like they are the best. That includes Kopitar and on down the line.

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