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Originally Posted by nyk16 View Post
Hello. I am new to this website. Please forgive me if I am not posting correctly. Here goes....

I have been told that in order to detemine proper lie, you look at the pattern of tape wear on the bottom of the stick. If it's on the heel, consider a lower lie. My problem is that I miss passes when the puck slides under the toe of my blade, and I have tape wear only on the heel so there is definately a problem. However, I'm already using a low lie (Warrior 4 lie). I know that shortening the stick may help solve the problem, but my stick length while wearing skates is up to my bottom lip so it looks like I do have the right length. I play D so I would like to keep this length if possible.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thx.
That's actually a very long stick. I'd say the general range for stick heights is:
- chin height on skates is quite long
- collar bone/upper chest on skates is quite short
- around adam's apple on skates is pretty standard

This is for higher level players, for some reason new/inexperienced players tend to keep their sticks way longer (many just never bother cutting them in the first place), but you won't find many guys at all (dmen or forwards) who play/played high level hockey that play with a stick higher than around chin height on skates. Some defensive dmen will use longer sticks, but if you want to develop good puck handling abilites, and a good shot, try a stick around adam's apple height on skates.

Also, re: tape wear in general, don't look at your tape wear after a game. In a game you're mostly skating around with 1 hand on the stick, there's going to be more heel wear even with the right lie. Go to a stick and puck session, constantly stick handle and shoot, and check out your tape wear after that. After a stick and puck the wear should be roughly mid blade.

I disagree with the poster who said "stand up." You don't want to hunch your back or anything like that, but you DO want a nice deep knee and ankle bend, skating with straight legs takes away from your speed, agility and balance. If anything, just try re-positioning your hands a bit so you keep the blade a bit closer to your body (this will be much easier to do with a shorter stick), but don't go standing up straight, keep a deep knee/ankle bend at all times. This should basically be your standard hockey stance:

Also note how Crosby/Sakic can easily pass their top hand in front of their body while stick handling. With a long stick your top hand gets trapped on your hip, and can't easily pass it in front of your body, which really limits what you can do with the puck. A shorter stick gives you much more freedom, if you can't stick handle like this, then your stick is too long.

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