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01-09-2012, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
These are PENGUINS FANS that are saying they witnessed the incident. One of which works at the CEC. Edward Neary is 1 person, not 5 different individuals who witnessed an event. Just do some research and you'll see that they aren't lying.
What if a group of 5 friends who are all Penguins fans decided to play a prank? Just saying, it's not that out there. I don't trust Twitter unless I know they're legit (i.e. Bob McKenzie).

Otherwise there's not really much research out anywhere except for this one Penguins blog. Which once more reverts to my previous point of legitimacy. You're more than welcome to your opinion, but if I listened to everything I read on the internet I'd still be waiting for that prince in Nigeria to send me that half of the $2.5 million inheritance he promised me.

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