Thread: Speculation: Teemu: a faint hope?
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01-09-2012, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by jazznik View Post
Teemu is still a great player and would be a great pickup but where are some of these trade suggestions coming from? A 3rd rounder? A 3rd rounder and a marginal prospect or Flood? Why the hell would the Ducks do that? If they are going to get such a poor return better just let him play out his career in Anaheim, that's worth more in fan interest/excitement alone.

The guy's still scoring at a ppg pace, add in his huge experience level and he's not being moved for less than a 1st rounder, probably more.

Dustin Penner went for a 1st, former 1st round pick and conditional 3rd, Teemu is ten times the player Penner has ever been.

Even if Teemu say's he'll only waive to go to the Jets the Ducks will still want good value.

At the sort of price the Ducks will command it's not worth it for the Jets, someone going for a cup will be willing to pay it (Philly, Detroit, Boston) but the Jets should stay away.
Penner and Selanne are completely different situations.

Penner was able to insight a bidding war. Because Selanne holds the cards in his trade, teams can't just battle offers for him.

He is also one of the only guaranteed rentals. If he resigns next year it's going to be with Anaheim again. Whoever gets Selanne is getting him for a playoff run and that's it. No trying to resign him later.

Plus Penner is a lot younger and has the slightest advantage in that category because of it.

I don't agree that he's worth a 3rd, but he is also not worth a Penner style return.

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