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01-09-2012, 05:00 PM
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I have been saying since this summer its ******** to blackmail the team like this. Especially if they have been vague with poile as to what will satisfy their "demands"

The problem is we are all guessing at what we think the two of them mean when they say they want to see 'commitment' to winning.

Most see it as a demand to acquire an elite winger.

Im a little more optimistic in that I think for the most part they each wanted to make sure the other two were going to be signed and that the first one to commit wasnt going to be left holding the bag...

The problem with the whole scenario remains, how realistic are their demands? How many teams have a world class goalie, two world class defensemen, and a world class forward plus a wealth of capable role players who are just as essential to a cup team?

Vancouver got the Sedins at below market value and a cap circumventing contract for Louongo or they wouldnt be able to afford all the pieces they have...

Anaheim has three elite elite forwards(four if you count Selanne) but crap else...

Detroit has Datsuyk and Zetterberg and Lidstrom, but Howard isnt yet making superstar money

tampa had to unload Richards because they had Vinny and St Louis plus they knew they had Stamkos coming...

washington had to get Vokoun for peanuts because they already had Ovie, Semin and Green..

Chicago had to dump players right and left in order to keep Toews and Kane and Keith and Seabrook... and they had to dump Campbell

point being, its TOUGH to fit in four elite players even spending to the cap, if you are still going to have the supporting cast to be any good.

I just hope Suter and Weber are being realistic... if not... as ILIILI said, they are dead to us..

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