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11-06-2003, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by momentai
Well, Hemsky is doing just as well as Horcoff out there and Smyth not that much better (besides that post he hit). They are ALL playing pretty poorly.

I don't think Tony did that on purpose. He blew an edge and fell over IMO. :p

I think they are playing poorly because Horc has no vision whatsoever. He is struggling mightily right least I see effort from Smyth in other areas...Ultimately, Horcoff drags the entire line down, and as a line, they are playing poorly tonight. The best way to get Smyth and Hemsky going again is to pair them with the rejuvenated Izzy...which would mean double-shifting him. Given the effort he's shown tonight, consistent physical play (he was like the 5th man and came flying into one scrum) and a goal has earned it. Maybe Smyth is better as a C lol.

On the replay, I was watching closely at the way that "fall" unfolded. We all know how good of a skater Tony is...there was nobody near him, and when I watched him on the play, it seemed he threw his left leg out as he was coming in, causing him to lose the edge and go down. The timing was perfect, and you could see him direct himself towards Prusek on the ice. I figure the bailout was intentional...but regardless, any player on the ice in that position would probably try to take out the goalie too.

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