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I have 2 weird ones:

I played Defense, and I started skating the puck out of our zone, only to have my forwards peel off for a line change. I was never an offensive threat, so I wasn't really comfortable with skating the puck deep into the zone So at the red line, I just cranked a slapshot and turned towards my bench for the change. Well apparently the goalie just put his goalie stick out to block my shot. I guess he underestimated the power of my shot, because it knocked his stick backwards, causing the puck to deflect right up his stick, and over his shoulder into the net. And I never saw it, because I was facing the bench!

The other weird one was against a goalie who had been slashing my teammates and me in the back of the ankle whenever we were in front of the net. (During PowerPlays, I would play wing and would try to screen the goalie and get a deflection). So after a few powerplays having my ankles slashed by this goalie, I finally got the puck while at the point. Intending to just get a little retribution, I cranked my slapshot aiming at his head. Well he ducked to avoid the shot, and the puck just slipped in right below the crossbar. I laughed so damn hard. We then spent the rest of the game aiming at his head. It was hilarious.

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