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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
This is idiotic. You don't think Giroux is captain material but in another post you say Bobby Ryan is? Is Bobby Ryan even a leader on his team? What do you know about him in that capacity? Isn't he known as a prima donna type? Yet you'd want to heap the added pressure of being captain of his hometown team -- with this media atmosphere? Also, what exactly is captain type for Philadelphia? I keep seeing posters write it, but no one explains what they think that is. Captain material, to me, is someone who leads by example every shift but also can get vocal and inspire his teammates that way when needed (think about what G said on the bench after the Hawks tied it up 4-4). I also think G's not as awkward in public or with the media as some people proclaim. He never seems to get perturbed, whereas with Richards you could always tell he kind of resented the reporters talking to him.

Oh, and Giroux does NOT have a personality like Richards, unless you mean they're both naturally quiet and not the necessarily the most comfortable in front of microphones. At heart, it always seemed like Richards had a lot of d-bag in him... not so with Giroux. From people I know who have met and hung out with him, they say he's just as humble and unassuming in person as he is in interviews. The stories I've heard about Richards, on the other hand, are a little less flattering.

Anyway, G for captain. He'll be fine with the weighty responsibility, and he'll rise to the occasion. Just like he always has. That is all.

In my opinion Richards problem wasn't the "C" it was the $$$$$$.

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