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orange is better
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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
Ah I understand ya now

I agree completely regarding the fit of the Edge jerseys. Im a pretty big guy at 6'6 and about 210 pounds so for me the biggest problem for me with the pre-edge jerseys was the sleeve length. It was far too short for me and as a result I was forced to get an XL or XXL so the sleeves were long enough. But at the same time, it looked like I needed to gain 80 pounds to fill out the rest of the jersey. With the Edge jerseys sleeve length being much longer while still being slim fitting, that problem has surely been put to rest

And I love the black nameplates. Maybe it's not the most historically accurate, but I think the feature makes the jerseys that much more unique and sets them apart from the rest of the NHL jerseys. Outside of the Flyers, only the Sabres alternate jerseys have off colour nameplates. It is a nice change of pace from the seemingly boring and repetitive jerseys the rest of the NHL teams wear
you and I are in the same boat, my friend!

i am 6'5'' 204 lbs, and have always had the same problem, with jerseys fitting properly form wise, but being way too short in the hem and the sleeves, and then when i'd get XLs, they'd fit length wise, but looked like dresses on me, and the neck would be too big, and exceed past the chest of my shoulder pads...

woe is us.

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