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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
most people play with a 5-5.5... 4 deg lies aren't easy to find

these days, people play with a longer stick... specificially kids coming up thoughthe midget/JR systems

I grew up playing a very short stick, cutting the end off when the stick is flat on the ice, when standing straight (on skates) and arms relaxed.

if you go by this rule, and you have an upright lie (i.e. 5.5 or 6) you'll have a pretty short stick, but your hands will be in the "proper" stickhandling position (i.e. both hands right in front with a 12" seperation)

when you get used to this, it promotes a better skating position... wider stance with a deep knee bend and you'll find yourself able to make gains easier for puck handling, pass recieving though better feel and control...

It's actually better to start with a shorter stick, then move up... but these days its much more costly to do that

I actually just put a plug in 2 of my sticks, and added maybe an inch and a 1/2 to the length... but even at that... it takes some time to get used to.

The only... and I mean only, reason why I did this, was to get better flex out of my stick for snap shots and the wood plug also helped balanced my previously blade heavy sticks (as they were cut down so much)

I also "can" use a long stick (even one up to my eyebrows), and much like most kids who play with a longer stick, you have to play with a wider seperation of their hands... the bottom hand is where it should be, where as the top hand may not quite chicken wing, but is up higher than what traditionally was taught...
You can definately get used to this... alot of pro's play a long stick (such a Ryan Clowe), but I still think that the best stick handlers use a short stick (again like collarbone short stick)

my guess is he is using a warrior, those are the only sticks who mention 4 lie, which is basically a 5 lie for any other stick.

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