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01-10-2012, 01:49 AM
The Canucks did it
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Originally Posted by cbjerrisgaard View Post
Sometimes I wonder if this board would be a more civilized place if you had to post under your real name.

Not that I would want people trying to find each other in real life to take it past anything but a discussion on a message board. I just think if you didn't have the ability to hide behind a username you would choose your words more carefully.

The end of trolling? Not quite, but a good start.
And you had to have a photo of you as your avatar.

Really in general our fan base has given us this bad rep, we never had it back in the WCE days if I remember right (before the Moore thing) I remember our fan base growing fast back then as that top line was bringing in fans. Also, the Canucks weren't a hated team back then we become a team full of pests and earned that title. Wish the Canucks fans who stir **** up on the main board would cool it, I mean we don't have to be the nicest fan base but might not hurt us to maybe cut back on the trolling we are known for. If your going to respond try and not make yourself look bad in the process.

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