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11-06-2003, 05:09 PM
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way to go for the *tie* macT!!!!

what a pathetic display in OT from macT.... yes yes, the RPM line had a good game, but they are not the guys to be out there when its 4 on 4.... what an IDIOT!!! i know thats a harsh word but macT just doesnt respect TALENT!! if it was up to him every player would be a 3rd line "mucker".... its sad to see talent sitting on the bench that could have actually *done* something in OT.... but nope, hes gonna go with his "boys" and screw it up for us.... im SOOOOOO sick of macT's BS when it comes to skill-players, its just pathetic, there is no other word for it.... simple pathetic

it wouldnt surprise me to see him sit smyth and hemsky next game to "teach them a lesson about hard work, and digging and garbage goals and defensive responiblah blah blah blah blah..." am i the only one so UNBELIEVABLY tired of his bullsh*t when it comes to skill players..... word is that macT is part of the reason for comrie being gone, i wont be surprised to see him drive out hemsky one day as well..... im just SOOOO frustrated, i just.... ARARGAGAGA!!!! $*$#@($#@&*#@!~!!!!!

i cant deal with it anymore, its just infuriating.... what a ****** JOKE!!

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