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Originally Posted by skroob View Post
Vomit-inducing. Suck it up, its a mens game.

Same reason they now IMMEDIATELY go to a loud song after Larry dances (to stop the '**mo larry' chants. Also why they almost NEVER show replays on the garden screen that might be controversial. God forbid people get angry.

Enough of the family friendly crap.

Also, i don't know how the caps get away with that horn *during play*.
Well if anything hockey should be more PG or PG-10ish than rated R. It's pretty obvious that there are always a select few adults who get outta hand never kids...since the kids actually control themselves I'd say cater to the better behaved customers : lookin at YOU Philly.Really though mens game? It's JUST a game. Game. Gotta think of what that word means. It's not bloodsport or gladiator life and death combat it's a game. It should probably be enjoyed on a kid level by people of all ages. I've screamed and yelled at games and heckled the crap out of goalies but nothing worse than "Hey Marty! 20,000 people just told you you SUCK!"

Honestly I wish everyone was like dancing larry and we were all up and chanting in unison for 5 minutes at a time and dancing and waving our hands with smiles on our faces. Much better than the disjointed crowd noise, handful of beer swilling miserable old men and the odd parent-child group. Well not exactly like Larry we'd be knocking each other out by accident with that wild rain dance.

That said yea getting rid of the Potvin sucks chant is pretty lame. Although I guess maybe they didnt wanna condone the song I'd buy that. Doesn't bother me either way we do the whistle. *(and miserable men on this board whine about THAT too)

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