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01-10-2012, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by sens83 View Post
While I agree he did prove himself, that doesn't mean he's ready to tender in the NHL. Can he probably be a good back up to Anderson, sure, he probably could. The real question is why? Like I said, this season was suppose to be a bust anyways. This is typical HFBoards nonsense to rush to a conclusion with the prospects. The goal should be long term, not short term thinking. If we "sell the farm" to make the playoffs this season is it going to hurt prospects or make them better?

I'd rather see Hoffman, DaCosta, Petersson, etc develop with Lehner in net, than McKenna. Simple.
I don't think Lehner is at the point where the is nothing to learn in the AHL or there isn't any benefit in him playing a large number of games in Bingo. I do think that goalies specifically can learn the game as a back up in the NHL through practice and facing NHL shooters each and every day, especially after the kind of success Lehner has had to this point.

It's not a "rushing" him to the NHL thing, that's wrong on so many levels. It's a "where is the best place for him" thing. Where will he learn the most and where will he develop the best? After this year, I think it's the NHL as a backup behind Anderson. I think both the long and short term (within the next year) benefits of having Lehner in Ottawa amount to a lot more than him playing in the AHL for another 2 seasons or more.

As long as the baby Sens are in a playoff race Lehner should be down in Bingo playing, though. If they are out of it... Lehner should be brought up and the grooming in the NHL should begin at a pace that is comfortable for him and the organization.

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