Thread: Larry Brooks: The reemergence of Brandon Dubinsky
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01-10-2012, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Well, would ya look at that? We completely agree on something. I've been saying for years that I barely think about the salary cap during the season, as far as that current season is concerned.
I understand when people are upset with a Redden type contract or a Drury of last year. I can get it. But even last year the team was playing well at times with Drury out of the lineup. Yes, we all understand that money spent on one player means less money for another, but the one thing that is never taken into consideration by people is whether or not that money would be spent effectively. When people flip out about a contract they just assume whoever else the money would have gone to would have improved the team. They don't think about the fact that it could be a Kotalik or Frolov.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Im one of Dubinsky's biggest fans and had no problem with him being demoted to the 3rd line, or being questioned from the fanbase on his lack of offensive production in accordance to his contract. The ones that wanted to ship him out, I agree, are idiots.
I think people just have this desire to always want to make trades and changes. They understand he is a valuable trade chip and since people dislike him the most for whatever reason he's lumped in almost every trade offer. It's just dumb. More than just winning, I want to win with the players who we developed and grew with. There's something more satisfying about that.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
If he became a 4 million dollar third liner he wouldn't be a very good player.

50 point Dubi with the whole package is worth the contract.
Well i'm not saying he's not living up to it, but if he didn't right the ship it would've been a very bad start to the 4 years. I expected him to get back on track, but during the stretch where we lost, what, 4 1-2 goal games in the span of 6 games it would've been fantastic to have the real Dubi back.[/QUOTE]

But that's the thing. This jumping to conclusions. What has Dubi done to show that he's just a third line player? He's gotten better each year like almost all of our young players. He's just 25 years old. Using such a small sample size at the beginning of the year to determine that we shouldn't have signed him to that contract and should try and move him (not saying you said that but just that general idea from around here) is crazy to me. Like I said earlier, he got off to a slow start offensively. It wasn't helped when he got paired with Boyle and Prust. That's not the way to break out as an offensive player. He's still got 21 points. He could end up right where he was last year after a terrible start.

Yes it would've been great but you're talking about time specific goals now. He could have 20 goals right now and no one would care about that...even if they all came when we already had the lead.

Originally Posted by BKBlackRanger View Post
1. Dubi was playing bad away from the puck when Feds was on the Richards line.

2. When he got better Hags was doing more offensively.

3. Dubi was put on the Richards line
a. His continued work away from the puck which included moving his feet
b. Hags regressed offensively which is expected of a rookie.

If Dubi doesn't move his feet he is useless. When he moves his feet he is a bull...(See last game Rangers played in FL.) That's the Dubi that can help this team taste Stanley Pie. Not saying his confidence isn't key, but when he started moving his feet, he played better and his confidence grew.
1. I don't think I'd say he was playing bad but yes, he was in a big confidence slump early on.
2. I understand your point but I didn't see any reason at the time to not leave Dubinsky on that line. It didn't make sense to me.
3. I don't think I agree that Dubinsky is useless if he doesn't move his feet. We know he can be the best player on the ice when he does. When he doesn't he's a good player who is more important on the defensive side of the puck.

I think it's clear his confidence is directly tied to moving his feet. When he's not confident he's playing tentative and on his heels. When he's confident he's assertive and trusts his ability to make things happen.

Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
Hence, a grinder.

Let's not overrate Dubi here. I love him, great team player, don't want to trade him, but let's not act like he's irreplaceable.
Let's not underrate him. How many 50+ point players are out there that can do what Dubinsky does all around? The mentality that you have here seems to be shared by those who have no problem shipping him out. You guys can keep dreaming about trading for players like Bobby Ryan, but let's be real better get someone like that in return because otherwise Dubinsky is going to be the best player in the deal. Let's not act like he is replaceable.

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